Raw material procurement

Production companies are subject to constant cost pressure. Cost reductions therefore begin at the stage of procuring raw materials at the global markets. A large number of globally active companies in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries are forced to purchase their raw materials from the international market due to ever-increasing cost pressure.

SYNTHON Chemicals has several representatives in Asian markets and has the experience to import hazardous substances safely and in accordance with European regulations. This enables our customers to concentrate more on their core competencies and to allow the procurement of goods and incoming goods analysis to be carried out by SYNTHON. SYNTHON guarantees compliance with the required specifications by issuing its own certificate of analysis. The raw materials are delivered to you from our warehouse in Bitterfeld-Wolfen.

Your advantages:

  • Compliance with customs and import regulations
  • SYNTHON takes over the analysis of incoming goods
  • Complaints are handled directly by SYNTHON
  • Favourable payment terms
  • Access to important international manufacturer and supplier databases

Save costs in raw material procurement and let SYNTHON be part of your supply chain.