Equipment and capacities production

  • Multi-purpose units, reactor volume: 25 l to 150 l (glass/glass lined/Hastelloy)
  • Temperature range -30°C to +200°C
  • Total reactor volume 600 l
  • Quantity range from a few g to 100 kg
  • Distillation/Rectification 30 l
  • Preparative column chromatography
  • Filter, dryer, rotary evaporator
  • Vacuum dryer
  • Sublimation plant
  • UV-light protected laboratories, kilo laboratories and pilot plant (yellow room)
  • 600 m2 laboratory space for R&D and small-scale production
  • Own quality control and quality assurance
  • Filling stations

KILO Laboratory

SYNTHON has two kilo laboratories with reactors from 25 l to 50 l for the development and production of special chemicals and fine chemicals for pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, medical technology and electronics. The total area of both kilo laboratories is approximately 100 m2.
Of these, one kilo laboratory is equipped as a "yellow room" (protected from UV light) and allows the production of UV-sensitive products such as acrylates, methacrylates and photoinitiators.

Pilot Plant

The pilot plant with an area of 200m2 is equipped with two 100-litre and one 150-litre multi-purpose units which are intended for a temperature range from -30 to +200°C. The pilot plant is also equipped as a "yellow room". Peripheral facilities include suction filters, dryers and rotary evaporators. Products are produced here in multi-step syntheses up to a scale of 100 kg.

Overview of the Reactors  in the Kilo Laboratory und Pilot Plant

Material Number Volume Equipment
Glas line 1
150 l
100 l
Two feeding drums, reflux condenser, distillation column, water separator, gas scrubber
(-30 °C to + 160 °C)
Glass (double jacket) 2
50 l
30 l
25 l
Reflux condenser, distillation column
(-20 °C bis + 200 °C)
Glass 3 20 l Reflux condenser, distillation column
(-20 °C bis + 150 °C)
Hastelloy 1 30 l Reflux condenser, distillation column
(- 20 °C  to + 200°C , 1 – 3 bar)

12 thermostats:
-30 to + 200 °C (Lauda, Haake, Julabo)

Rotary evaporator:
5 x 20 l (Heidolph) 2 x 10 l (Büchi)

Distillation units/rectification:
6 l automatic rectification unit (Fischer), alternativ 30 l rectification unit (Hastelloy), 1 column with 30 theoretical column plates 6 l automatic distillation apparatus (Fischer), 1 column with Sulzer packing, alternatively fractionating column with 100 theoretical column plates

Chromatography columns:

2 preparative chromatography columns, diameter 20 cm, length 100 cm,
2 preparative chromatography columns, diameter 30 cm, length 100 cm

Absorbers, Suction filters, Dryers, Mills, Mixers

Filling station for hazardous substances:
2 Denios fume hoods for filling liquids and solids, bottles up to 2.5 l
1 Denios fume hood for filling or repacking of BULK goods

Storage rooms for hazardous materials