SYNTHON Chemicals is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of specialty and fine chemicals. We consider ourselves as a service provider for industry, and assist our customers  with everything from supply-chain solutions to synthesis development and contract manufacturing.

  • Liquid crystals, reactive mesogens, LC-polymers
  • Chemicals for organic electronics
  • Dyes and fluorescent dyes
  • Pharma intermediates and products for medical devices
  • Diagnostics
  • Custom synthesis

"Smart materials made by SYNTHON"

We are proud to present our improved Webshop for Liquid Crystals, Reactive Mesogens, Crown Ethers, CalixarenesFunctional Dyes and Photoinitiators.

ChemSpec Europe

Join us at Chemspec 2023 from May 24 to May 25, 2023 at Basel, Switzerland.

Our participation is financially supported by the European Union

The funding period is from 01.08.2021 to 01.10.2023