Blending / Formulation

In addition to the production of organic chemical products, the services provided by SYNTHON Chemicals includes the production of mixtures and formulations. SYNTHON Chemicals uses existing explosion-protected reactors and production facilities and can produce all types of liquid/liquid and also solid/liquid mixtures. The reactors can also be heated in the case of solids with low solubility, thus optimising the blending process.

By operating our plants under explosion-protected conditions, we can produce solvent mixtures in addition to aqueous mixtures. We concentrate on multi-component mixtures in the range of a few kg to several 100 kg.

SYNTHON Chemicals also produces solid mixtures in quantities of a few kg.

Through the use of a modern merchandise management program in combination with the existing production capacities, SYNTHON Chemicals provides customer-specific production (also under confidentiality) and offers complete batch traceability coupled with its own quality assurance. SYNTHON Chemicals also handles procurement, analysis of incoming goods and storage of raw materials at the customer's request.

The formulations that are produced can be filled into desired containers according to customer specifications.

Your advantages:

  • Flexibility
  • Allows focus on the daily core business
  • Cost savings and transparency
  • Saves time and effort
  • Reduction of risk
  • Access to expertise

What our outsourcing service means for you:
"...No fixed costs, only variable costs..."