Optimising the process and reaction

Organic chemical reactions have generally been developed by laboratory chemists to make the target molecule accessible. These reactions are often transferred to the commercial scale without the adaptation of numerous parameters such as temperature control, solvent quantity, stirring rate or pH value and so trigger higher production costs.

SYNTHON Chemicals enables you to reduce your production costs and processing times by optimising the reaction and process parameters. SYNTHON thereby forms the link between your R&D laboratory and the initial upscaling process. This enables our customers to achieve a production process that conserves materials and energy and even increases yield in some circumstances. You can select the part of your process that requires optimisation and rely on SYNTHON's existing resources of synthesis and analysis laboratories, as well as initial upscaling possibilities in the pilot plant.

Your advantages:

  • Reduction of production costs through optimisation of the production process
  • Effective design of production processes and reduction of processing times

Concentrate on the key processes and leave the optimisation of your chemical reactions to us.