Contract Manufacturing

The production of organic chemical products sets high requirements in terms of approvals, the handling of hazardous substances, the acquisition and operation of reactors, and expertise.

SYNTHON Chemicals is an outsourcing partner and reliable service provider for custom syntheses. At our location in Bitterfeld, our DIN ISO 9001 process-oriented quality management system accompanies contract production, starting from product inquiry through contract production and right up to product delivery. It offers customers complete traceability and documentation at all times.

We also undertake synthesis or process development for our customers. The initial small quantities are efficiently produced in the laboratory and the subsequent upscaling process is accompanied by the laboratory chemist in the pilot plant to the production scale. Thanks to different reactor sizes, SYNTHON offers its customers the flexibility to determine the batch sizes themselves.

Since SYNTHON has multi-purpose units, multi-step syntheses can also be carried out in parallel without any problems.

This allows our customers to concentrate more on their core competencies and simultaneously achieve cost reduction with greater flexibility. The costs which would have been incurred for the planning and approval of production buildings and plants can be used by our customers for other purposes. We also undertake the compilation of regulations related to production and analysis.

When you estimate the cost-intensive investments for the production of organic chemical products, and the infrastructure requirements and risk, you will quickly be convinced to avail of our custom synthesis services.

Your advantages:

  • Flexibility
  • Allows focus on the daily core business
  • Cost savings and transparency
  • Saves time and effort
  • Reduction of risk
  • Access to expertise

What our outsourcing service means for you:
"...No fixed costs, only variable costs..."

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