Product development

It often takes 10 to 15 years from the product idea and its development to a commercial launch and market maturity. This requires a wide range of cost-intensive investments in research and development, which, if the product becomes established, will pay for itself only after a number of years.

Product development – and the associated availability of an organic chemical compound – represents one of the greatest challenges. Numerous organic compounds are available only via complex multi-step syntheses, many of which pose a danger and require the safe handling of hazardous substances. Apart from this, synthesis development in the laboratory can be so complex that it cannot be transferred or applied to the production of commercial quantities.

SYNTHON Chemicals supports you right from the product development stage to check the availability of a compound, determine the costing, and to evaluate whether it can be subsequently transferred into an upscaling process.

Your advantages:

  • Use of SYNTHON's existing infrastructure in optimally equipped synthesis laboratories
  • Access to numerous databases to check the synthesis route to the target compound

SYNTHON has numerous synthesis procedures and a portfolio of approximately 3500 compounds, some of which can also be applied analogously to your target molecule.