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Three- and four-membered rings are often very reactive due to their ring tension. The ring tension arises due to the spatial proximity of the atoms in the ring and means that these rings can break open or react more easily than larger rings.

Three- and four-membered rings can be stabilised by substituents. These substituents can reduce steric hindrance or introduce electronic effects that reduce the ring tension.

Three-membered rings (trigons):

Tripartite rings are particularly reactive and unstable due to the high ring tension created by the narrow angle between the bonds.

They are often referred to as "small rings" and are of particular interest in organic chemistry due to their unique chemical properties.

Examples of three-membered rings are cyclopropane and epoxides (oxiranes).

Four-membered rings (tetragons):

Four-membered rings are more stable compared to three-membered rings, but are still quite reactive due to ring strain.

They are also known as "small rings" and are used in various organic syntheses and reactions.

# art.-no. title Mol. formula CAS Struct. formula Shop
1. ST00318/01 cis-Cyclobutane-1,2-dicarbonitrile C6H6N2 3211-19-6 Artikel ST00318/01, CAS 3211-19-6
2. ST00318/02 trans-Cyclobutane-1,2-dicarbonitrile C6H6N2 3211-20-9 Artikel ST00318/02, CAS 3211-20-9
3. ST00320 Ethyl cyclobutylcarbocylic acid C7H12O2 14924-53-9 Artikel ST00320, CAS 14924-53-9
4. ST00323 Cyclobutane-1,1-dicarboxylic acid diethylester C10H16O4 3779-29-1 Artikel ST00323, CAS 3779-29-1
5. ST00525 trans-1,2-Bis(aminomethyl)cyclobutane C6H14N2 1731-23-3 Artikel ST00525, CAS 1731-23-3
6. ST00535 trans-Cyclobutane-1,2-dicarboxylic acid C6H8O4 1124-13-6 Artikel ST00535, CAS 1124-13-6
7. ST00537 1,2-Diphenylcyclopropen-3-one C15H10O 886-38-4 Artikel ST00537, CAS 886-38-4
8. ST00567 2-Cyclopropylpropane-2-ol C6H12O 930-39-2 Artikel ST00567, CAS 930-39-2
9. ST00576 Cyclobutane-1,2-dicarboxylic anhydride C6H6O3 4462-96-8 Artikel ST00576, CAS 4462-96-8
10. ST00631 trans-Dimethyl cyclobutane-1,2-dicarboxylate C8H12O4 3396-20-1 Artikel ST00631, CAS 3396-20-1
11. ST00710 Cyclobutane carboxylic acid C5H8O2 3721-95-7 Artikel ST00710, CAS 3721-95-7
12. ST00756 Aminocyclopropane C3H7N 765-30-0 Artikel ST00756, CAS 765-30-0
13. ST01331 3,4-Dihydroxy-3-cyclobuten-1,2-dion C4H2O4 2892-51-5 Artikel ST01331, CAS 2892-51-5
14. ST01397 Dicyclopropyl-(4-methylphenyl)methanol C14H18O 71172-47-9 Artikel ST01397, CAS 71172-47-9
15. ST01688 Dicyclopropylketone C7H10O 1121-37-5 Artikel ST01688, CAS 1121-37-5
16. ST01899 Cyclobutane-1,1-dicarboxylic acid C6H8O4 5445-51-2 Artikel ST01899, CAS 5445-51-2
17. ST02181 Cyclobutanone, stab. with 0.1% BHT C4H6O 1191-95-3 Artikel ST02181, CAS 1191-95-3
18. ST02190 Cyclopropylmethanol C4H8O 2516-33-8 Artikel ST02190, CAS 2516-33-8
19. ST02463 1-Aminocyclobutane-1-carboxylic acid hydrochloride C5H10ClNO2 98071-16-0 Artikel ST02463, CAS 98071-16-0
20. ST02690 1,1-Dicyclopropyl-ethanol C8H14O 18895-50-6 Artikel ST02690, CAS 18895-50-6
21. ST02713 Cyclopropyl methyl ketone C5H8O 765-43-5 Artikel ST02713, CAS 765-43-5
22. ST02758 Cyclobutylamine C4H9N 2516-34-9 Artikel ST02758, CAS 2516-34-9
23. ST02829 Cyclobutanol C4H8O 2919-23-5 Artikel ST02829, CAS 2919-23-5
24. ST02859 trans-Diethyl cyclopropane-1,2-dicarboxylate C9H14O4 3999-55-1 Artikel ST02859, CAS 3999-55-1
25. ST03167 Cyclobutanetetracarboxylic acid dianhydride C8H4O6 4415-87-6 Artikel ST03167, CAS 4415-87-6
26. ST03192 Cyclobut-1-ene-1,2-dicarbonitrile C6H4N2 3716-97-0 Artikel ST03192, CAS 3716-97-0
27. ST03347 cis-Dimethyl cyclobutane-1,2-dicarboxylate C8H12O4 2607-03-6 Artikel ST03347, CAS 2607-03-6
28. ST03844 N-Methylcyclobutylamine C5H11N 34066-62-1 Artikel ST03844, CAS 34066-62-1
29. ST03955 spiro[3.3]heptane-2,6-dicarboxylic acid C9H12O4 3057-91-8 Artikel ST03955, CAS 3057-91-8
30. ST04067 3,3-Dimethyl-cyclobutanecarboxylic acid C7H12O2 34970-18-8 Artikel ST04067, CAS 34970-18-8
31. ST04069 spiro[3.3]heptane-2,6-dicarboxylic acid monomethyl ester C10H14O4 10481-25-1 Artikel ST04069, CAS 10481-25-1
32. ST04268 3-Methylene-cyclobutanemethanamine C6H11N 16333-93-0 Artikel ST04268, CAS 16333-93-0
33. ST04582 1-Hydroxy-1-cyclopropanecarboxylic acid C4H6O3 17994-25-1 Artikel ST04582, CAS 17994-25-1
34. ST05088 Bis-(2,3-epoxypropyl)ether C6H10O3 2238-07-5 Artikel ST05088, CAS 2238-07-5
35. ST06213 3-(4-chlorophenyl)cyclobutanone C10H9ClO 152714-07-3 Artikel ST06213, CAS 152714-07-3