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Photoinitiators are compounds that initiate or accelerate a chemical reaction when they absorb light of certain wavelengths. These substances play a crucial role in photopolymerisation and other photochemical processes. Their main function is to start the reaction by being absorbed by light and generating highly reactive species such as radicals or ions.

# art.-no. title Mol. formula CAS Struct. formula Shop
1. ST00517 d,l-Camphor quinone C10H14O2 10373-78-1 Artikel ST00517, CAS 10373-78-1
2. ST03909 Bis(4-methoxybenzoyl)diethylgermanium (Ivocerin®) C20H24GeO4 1207515-90-9 Artikel ST03909, CAS 1207515-90-9
3. ST04694 Benzylthiolaniumhexafluoroantimonate C11H15F6SSb 87301-55-1 Artikel ST04694, CAS 87301-55-1
4. ST04695 S-[2-(4-Methoxynapht-1-yl)-2-oxoethyl]thiolanium hexafluoroantimonate C17H19F6O2SSb 219127-07-8
5. ST04696 S-[(1-Naphtyl)methyl]thiolanium hexafluoroantimonate C15H17F6SSb 151175-19-8
6. ST04697 (Cumol)-(cyclopentadienyl)iron(II)-hexafluorophosphate C14H17F6FeP 32760-80-8 Artikel ST04697, CAS 32760-80-8
7. ST06012 [4-​[(2-​Hydroxytetradecyl)​oxy]​phenyl]​phenyliodonium hexafluoroantimonate C26H38F6IO2Sb 139301-16-9 Artikel ST06012, CAS 139301-16-9
8. ST06303 Lithium phenyl(2,4,6-trimethylbenzoyl)phosphinate; LiTPO C16H16LiO3P 85073-19-4 Artikel ST06303, CAS 85073-19-4
9. ST06357 Bis(4-(tert-butyl)phenyl)iodonium chloride C20H26ClI 5421-53-4 Artikel ST06357, CAS 5421-53-4
10. ST06393 Bis(4-tert-butylphenyl)iodonium tetraphenylborate C44H46BI 131725-16-1 Artikel ST06393, CAS 131725-16-1
11. ST06395 Tetrakis(2-methylbenzoyl)germane C32H28GeO4 2128305-10-0 Artikel ST06395, CAS 2128305-10-0
12. ST06533 Bis(4-dodecylphenyl)iodonium hexafluorophosphate C36H58F6IP 477602-76-9 Artikel ST06533, CAS 477602-76-9
13. ST06764 Tetrakis(2-ethylbenzoyl)germane C36H36GeO4 2128305-07-5