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Dye-sensitized solar cells, also known as Grätzel cells, use a photoelectrochemical reaction to convert sunlight into electrical energy. They consist of a porous titanium dioxide layer coated with a dye that captures light and releases electrons. These electrons then migrate to an electrode, generating an electric current. Dye-sensitized solar cells are inexpensive to produce and can be manufactured in flexible and semi-transparent forms, which expands their potential applications, for example in building integration and portable devices.

# art.-no. title Mol. formula CAS Struct. formula Shop
1. ST00700 2,2´-Bipyridyl-4,4'-dicarboxylic acid C12H8N2O4 6813-38-3 Artikel ST00700, CAS 6813-38-3
2. ST01552 5,5´-Dimethyl-2,2'-bipyridyl C12H12N2 1762-34-1 Artikel ST01552, CAS 1762-34-1
3. ST01738 4,4´-Dimethyl-2,2'-bipyridine C12H12N2 1134-35-6 Artikel ST01738, CAS 1134-35-6
4. ST02980 5-Methyl-2,2´-bipyridyl C11H10N2 56100-20-0 Artikel ST02980, CAS 56100-20-0
5. ST02981 4-Methyl-2,2´-bipyridine C11H10N2 56100-19-7 Artikel ST02981, CAS 56100-19-7
6. ST03889 3,3´-Dimethyl-2,2'-bipyridine C12H12N2 1762-32-9 Artikel ST03889, CAS 1762-32-9
7. ST03926 2,2´-Bipyridyl-3,3'-dicarboxylic acid C12H8N2O4 4433-01-6 Artikel ST03926, CAS 4433-01-6
8. ST03927 2,2´-Bipyridyl-5,5'-dicarboxylic acid C12H8N2O4 1802-30-8 Artikel ST03927, CAS 1802-30-8
9. ST03929 2,2´-Bipyridyl-4-carboxylic acid C11H8N2O2 1748-89-6 Artikel ST03929, CAS 1748-89-6
10. ST03930 2,2´-Bipyridyl-5-carboxylic acid C11H8N2O2 1970-80-5 Artikel ST03930, CAS 1970-80-5
11. ST04353 4,4`-Dinonyl-2,2`bipyridine C28H44N2 142646-58-0 Artikel ST04353, CAS 142646-58-0
12. ST04472 6,6´-Dimethyl-2,2'-bipyridine C12H12N2 4411-80-7 Artikel ST04472, CAS 4411-80-7
13. ST04473 2,2´-Bipyridyl-6,6'-dicarboxylic acid C12H8N2O4 4479-74-7 Artikel ST04473, CAS 4479-74-7
14. ST04573 16,17-bis(octyloxy)anthra[9,1,2-cde]benzo[rst]pentaphene-5,10-dione C50H48O4 85652-50-2 Artikel ST04573, CAS 85652-50-2
15. ST04574 5,10-dioxo-5,10-dihydroanthra[9,1,2-cde]benzo[rst]pentaphene-16,17-diyl distearate C70H84O6 82145-74-2 Artikel ST04574, CAS 82145-74-2