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Metallocenes are compounds that consist of a metal atom, typically from the group of transition metals, and at least one cyclopentadienyl ligand. These compounds are of particular interest in organometallic chemistry.

Metallocene complexes, also known as metallocene compounds, have a structure in which the metal atom is located between two cyclopentadienyl ligands. These ligands are usually abbreviated as Cp. Metallocenes have remarkable structural and electronic properties, which makes them particularly interesting for various applications in catalysis and materials science.

In catalysis, metallocene catalysts are often used for the production of polyolefins. These catalysts can control the polymerisation reactions and produce high-quality polymers with defined properties.

In materials science, metallocenes are also being researched for the production of new materials with specific electronic, magnetic or optical properties.

Metallocenes help to deepen our understanding of organometallic compounds and offer a wide range of potential applications in various scientific and industrial fields.

# art.-no. title Mol. formula CAS Struct. formula Shop
1. ST00876 Ferrocene C10H10Fe 102-54-5 Artikel ST00876, CAS 102-54-5
2. ST01942 Ferrocene monocarboxylic acid C11H10FeO2 1271-42-7 Artikel ST01942, CAS 1271-42-7
3. ST06098 (Methylcyclopentadienyl)manganese(I) tricarbonyl C9H7MnO3 12108-13-3 Artikel ST06098, CAS 12108-13-3
4. ST06315 Ferrocene, 5 % solution in Toluene C10H10Fe Artikel ST06315, CAS